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odd-i's P480 conglomerate gets DaVinci chip

Darren Murph

We'll admit, odd-i's P480 has been around the proverbial block a time or two before, and while the design sure ain't changing much, the internals are yet again seeing a refresh. The latest iteration adopts a Samsung 4.8-inch WQVGA display (love the shirt, bro!), SIRFstarIII GPS receiver, DMB TV tuner, built-in extendable antenna, up to 60GB of internal hard drive space, TV in / out, USB connectivity, uPIM scheduling software, an e-dictionary, and most notably, a DaVinci chip that reportedly "enables users to enjoy a variety of video files without encoding." Slated for release this month in South Korea (where else?), interested consumers can expect it to start around ???458,000 ($498). Peep a few more shots after the jump.

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