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Seakeeper unveils uber-pricey stabilization systems for boats

Darren Murph

We can imagine that quite a few of you sea-dwellers out there would love to just escape reality and cross the Atlantic on a solar-powered vessel, but for those who can't withstand a full ten minutes at sea without heading for the railing, Seakeeper feels your pain. Busting out a pair of advanced stability systems, the firm is hoping to give boaters a much smoother ride whilst crashing the waves. The 7000 Gyro system is designed for boats 35-feet and up, and quells rolling by tilting at angles determined by a connected motion sensing computer, while the simpler Stability Control system operates by replacing traditional trim tabs and controlling pitch, roll, and yaw. Unfortunately, each setup comes at a lofty price, with the Gyro 7000 ringing up at $55,000 (plus installation), and the latter costing a stiff $21,500.

[Via Gizmag]

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