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John Carmack continues to eyeball the DS, considers Quake-style game


After some waffling and then an announcement (as well as a recent re-announcement) of the mobile game Orcs & Elves headed DS-ward, programmer and co-founder of id Software John Carmack is toying with yet another idea for the handheld: a Quake Arena-style game. Carmack offered the system some backhanded compliments while discussing his work on Orcs & Elves, saying that he loved working on the system, but that he noticed a few of what he termed "rookie mistakes." We can only guess that he is talking about issues that came up with the newer features of the DS, because we're pretty sure that Nintendo knows a thing or two about handhelds by now.

However, Carmack must have enjoyed himself, because now he's toying with this new idea of a Quake game on the dual screens, so we'll keep an eye out and see what develops.

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