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Yakuza producer brings two games to PS3


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Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nagoshi (pictured, above) announced a couple of new PS3 games during the PlayStation Premiere event today. Senjou no Valkyrie (Battle Field Valkyrie) is a new game from the Sakura Taisen team that promises to combine action, strategy and RPG elements. The game will feature graphics that look like water color paintings, utilizing a new technique called "Canvas."

After this announcement, Nagoshi hinted on two new projects he's working on for PS3. Apparently, the cosplay he's wearing is a hint of Nagoshi's next game. The project is called "my biggest production since I started working on consumer games." The game will be officially unveiled on September 14th, with a release planned for Spring.

A second game was simply hinted at ... but we'll have to wait for the official announcement at a later date. Don't you love announcements of announcements?

[Image source: Famitsu]

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