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South Park's World of Warcraft episode gets Emmy nomination


We already know that South Park's homage to World of Warcraft is one of the best episodes ever, but now the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences may agree because the episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft" just received an Emmy nomination. But, but, but the episode is inaccurate on various game issues we can hear the WoW fanboys scream already, pointing to things like The Renegade is wearing plate armor and mages clearly can't wear plate. Well, they went ahead and nominated the episode anyway.

The WoW episode wasn't even the only gaming related episode from the last television season. We also had Cartman altering the time line so he could get his hands on a Wii, where he eventually ended up in a war between atheists and it was even a two-parter. They didn't give that kind of treatment to the episode where the Xbox 360 showed up -- but we did eventually get a free HD episode out of the deal. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are clearly tapped into the internet generation so we're sure to see more gaming references and episodes in the future like the classic Chinpokomon episode.

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