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Cowon iAudio 7 review roundup


The Cowon iAudio 7, a topic of a good deal of gear-lust, has safely found its way into the eager hands of a number of reviewers, thus warranting the patent-pending Engadget review roundup. The 4GB or 8GB PMP seems to have received fairly high marks from most of the critics, though a few take issue with the "swing touch" interface used to control the player, which they say can be too sensitive and confusing, and the device's lack of AAC playback, which might put on a hurting on the iAudio's appeal as an iPod alternative. On the flip side, there's a lot of praise for its FLAC and OGG support, long battery life, and sound quality, which is regarded as excellent -- or as CNET bluntly puts it, "better than the iPod." So, minor potshots notwithstanding, almost all of the critics give it high marks -- but don't take our word for it, hit the links.

Read -- CNET (8.3 out of 10, Editors' Choice)
Read -- TrustedReviews (8 out of 10)
Read -- Gadgetaholic ("If you are looking for an audiophile-quality audio player in a small package, stop looking...")

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