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Lenart Studios kicks out GPS / LCD-equipped surfboard

Darren Murph

Granted, the Light Wave was snazzy in its own right, but Lenart Studios has certainly gone the extra mile with its iteration of the intelligent surfboard. Simply dubbed the Surf Radio, this board reportedly packs a built-in display that utilizes "radio and GPS technology" in order to "give surfers updated information about their location, rip currents, and building swells," and even doubles as a walkie-talkie for chatting it up with fellow riders. Moreover, the unit features an integrated sensor that can detect if you've wiped out a bit too harshly, and then triggers the internal communications system to send out an emergency beacon with your exact location. Unfortunately, there's no word on if this design will ever go mainstream, but a board so stacked ain't likely to run you cheap if it does.

[Via Core77]

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