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Modder stuffs 100GB HDD in Creative Zen Vision W

Darren Murph

Frustrated with all the limitations that come with just 60GB of hard drive space? We know, it can indeed be nerve-racking, but here to lower your blood pressure is John P., who has successfully crammed a capacious 100GB HDD into the casing of Creative's Zen Vision W. The modder began by ordering a Toshiba MK1011GAH, downloading the latest Creative firmware, and stripping back the PMP to access its innards. Afterwards, a dab of tape pulling, ribbon cable insertion, and firmware loading brought the device back to life, and without much fuss at all, a 100GB Vision W was born. We know you're salivating at the thought, so go on, hit the read link for all the replication details you need.

[Via MAKE]

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