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Peter Moore on the state of the Xbox


Peter Moore, dearly departed VP of Xbox, recently spoke with Gamasutra on a range of topics. Most of them, surprisingly, related to the Xbox 360. A little more specifically, Moore speaks on the Xbox's progress in Japan, the importance of exclusive games, multiplatform games, and how many Xboxes Halo 3 will sell (answer: "a lot of green ones"). Moore also talks about Microsoft's expansion into the casual gaming market (Scene It and those kooky controllers), the ease of 360 development in comparison to other consoles, Final Fantasy on Xbox, and of course, whether or not he is, in fact, the Devil. It's a good read and perhaps one of the last chances we'll have to see him do the PR dance for Microsoft. Hit the "read" link to check it out.

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: Added vitally important "read" link. Kicked self in groin.

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