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Condemned 2 developers working closely with ESRB


Manhunt 2's de facto banning by the ESRB due to its AO rating is causing other developers like Monolith – creators of the upcoming Condemned 2: Bloodshot – to take notice and work closely with the ESRB. CVG reports Condemned's senior producer, Constantine Hantzopoulos, has pulled features from the game because of the Manhunt 2 drama.

Hantzopoulos says that things like someone's head being put into a vice (Casino, anyone?) and a couple decapitations were removed from the game. It's not like Hantzopoulos isn't used to dealing with ESRB censorship – he also worked on Indigo Prophecy which had to cut some sex scenes from the US version. We can't wait until five or six years down the road when we get to organize the absurd censorship fights developers have with the ESRB for a post. We can already imagine the conversations now: "OK, so, three decapitations is an M, but two decapitations with a blood spurt is AO? Got it."

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