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Forza 2 patch performs general maintenance

Dustin Burg

If you haven't already noticed, a new title update has been released for Forza Motorsport 2 fixing random bugs and completing some general game maintenance. Big changes include the temporary ban of the overpowered Lotus Elan, a deny on gifting or reselling of cars with locked paintjobs, and the removal of the host option to boot players. Other update fixes include the rotation of cars in the auction house and various scoreboard fixes. Overall, it sounds like a successful update to us. Also, current high ranking Forza 2 gamers will be happy to know that the dev team decided to NOT reset the learderboards and are instead focusing on removing invalid leaderboard scores individually. So, if you used the Lotus Elan to achieve greatness your score will be wiped clear off the leaderboards. Now get back to racing kids.

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