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Akoo to use iPhone to control in-store on-demand displays


Akoo International announced plans to develop a web site optimized for the iPhone's Safari browser that will allow customers to use their iPhones to control in-store media displays. Presumably, store displays will announce their m-Venue URL and invite visitors to whip out their iPhones and take part. NikoDrakoulis, Akoo CEO, calls this "real-time consumer-to-brand interactivity."

Done well, this may provide an amusing way to pass the time as one's spouse takes his or her time shopping. Done poorly, this will distract customers from actually purchasing products and will tick off the waiting spouses and children as the iPhone user plays with his or her toy. This press release suggests that restaurants and sports bars would be a great place to install these displays. TUAW could never imagine fights breaking out over which iPhone user gets to control the channel.

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