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David Jaffe's first interview regarding Eat Sleep Play

Jared Rea

A day before David Jaffe announced his departure from Sony, GameTrailers caught the man himself, lunching amongst the population of Comic-Con. Spilling the beans and laying out the general plan, Jaffe is real excited about his new company, Eat Sleep Play, but less so about the name. Sure, Eat Sleep Play sounds like something you'd see on a free promo shirt, but the man himself has the right idea saying, "The games [will] eventually define the name versus the name defining the company." Seriously, what the heck is a Psygnosis anyway?

Those defining games will be on the accessible, more arcade-style front as Jaffe points out that a game like Calling All Cars would be the smallest in terms of scope they would tackle. While Eat Sleep Play has partnered up with Sony for a multi-game deal, Jaffe describes his relationship with Kratos and the God of War franchise as "severed," though he says he'd be honored if they asked for his input on a sequel.

Good luck on Monday, David.

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