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Target isn't Blu-ray exclusive at all, but BJ's Wholesale might be


Apparently Target's claim that they were "not proclaiming one format vs. the other as the preferred consumer technology" didn't resonate quickly enough to slow the "Target is going Blu-ray exclusive ZOMG" shockwave around the world yesterday. The HD DVD PR team sent us a statement from Universal Studios VP Ken Graffeo stating the deal amounted only to an "end cap" purchased by Sony putting its BDP-S300 in stores. Meanwhile Toshiba's HD DVD player will remain in Target's website, just as the Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on and HD DVD movies will stay in Target stores, they appear to have been rather unceremoniously dropped by smaller regional chain BJ's Wholesale Club, according to VideoBusiness. No official word from the chain itself, but the usual "sources" from the retailer and several Hollywood studios indicated all 170 stores would be Blu-ray only by the fourth quarter. Just like the BDA's CES victory proclamation, this likely isn't the end... just yet.

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