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Apple TV Hacks calls for help to polish the USB drive hack

David Chartier

Two days after Apple TV Hacks published the much sought-after USB hard drive hack for the Apple TV, the site is making a call for help to polish the modification. For now, the hack isn't for the faint of heart - it requires some mucking around at the command line, not to mention an Intel Mac to apply the patch (i.e. - PowerPC Mac and Windows owners seem to be out of luck for now). It also appears that the hack is confirmed to not work on Apple TVs that have had their software updated to the 1.1 YouTube edition.

Specifically, Apple TV Hacks is looking for help to simplify the hack's process and, ideally, bundle it in a GUI to make it a lot easier for all users to apply. Compatibility with the 1.1 Apple TV software is also on the todo list, since reverting one's Apple TV back to the original software and losing all the new features isn't the first thing most users want to do.

If you have any skills with helping out on hacks or bundling them into a GUI, or if you know a developer who might, send them over to the Apple TV Hacks post to see if they can lend a hand.

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