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Reflecting on Prism: Light the Way

Eric Caoili

We were surprised to read that Prism: Light the Way collected an 8.5/10 score in the latest issue of Nintendo Power, mostly because prior to the review, we had never heard of the puzzle game. Prism tasks you with saving the Glowbos, a black-hole-inhabiting race of blobs. A space monster has absorbed the light that the Glowbos need to survive, and the Bulboids, creatures that shoot beams out of their mouths, are their only hope!

Directing these rays to the Glowbos can be a challenge, especially since some of them require a specific color of light. You'll have to use filter blocks, splitters, and mirrors to deliver the right beams to all of them. Prism features 120 unlimited-time puzzles, Timed and "Hyper" modes, and the option to play an infinite stream of randomly-generated stages. You'll also be able to compete against another player without needing a second copy of the game.

Prism: Light the Way hits the DS this September 4th in North America. There haven't been many screenshots or trailers put out for the handheld title yet, but we've embedded a gameplay video for the PC version past the post break.

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