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The full details on Halo 3's online co-op

Jared Rea

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Master Chief, the Arbiter, N'tho 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham: The four who, on September 25th, will be finishing the fight together both on and offline. That's right ... Halo 3 supports four player cooperative play both offline via system link and online via Xbox Live. Split-screen play, we should note, is still regulated to only two player co-op, but those two can still join another group both on- or offline for the full, four player experience.

The journey itself begins like everything else in Halo 3, in a lobby. From there you simply gather your team per usual, load up your campaign and proceed to kill Brutes with much greater efficiency than ever before. Your wacky antics can then be relived as the saved films feature will allow you to take both screenshots and video of your co-op exploits.

Check out Bungie's update for all the lore, challenges and suggestions regarding this new way to experience Halo.

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