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African women's blog upset over Resident Evil 5


An African women's blog has taken offense to the new Resident Evil 5 trailer depicting a "white man in what appears to be Africa killing Black people." The blog post goes on to say that the black people "are supposed to be zombies" and that it's "the white man's job" to destroy them and save humanity. There are some other issues the writer has, but she ties it all up by saying "this video game is marketed to children and young adults. Start them young ... fearing, hating, and destroying Black people."

OK, where to begin? As for the "marketed to children" thing, it's going to be an M rated game, kids shouldn't be playing it. It is rather interesting to note that more than a few people, including The Village Voice, have noticed the setting of the new RE5 and found it a little jarring. Although that could simply be because the average video game may only have one random black character (typically a hero or anti-hero), so more than two on the screen at any one time is revolutionary. The African issue aside, the Japanese developed Resident Evil series has been killing white people for its entire run so far -- how did white people not catch on to this and get upset? Because it's not white killing, it's zombie killing. You're killing them because they want to eat or infect you, not because of their skin color. But now we have black zombie-like people getting killed in RE5 and gay aliens in Halo 3 ... what is this industry coming to? The sins of diversity.

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