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Motorola busts out slew of low-end candybars

Chris Ziegler

From our "never have so many handsets collectively interested us so little" department come these six gems, all Moto candybars from the low-end "W" line that are presumably destined primarily for emerging markets. We've yet to see any press releases detailing exactly what Motorola intends to do with these, but the imagery in its media database pretty much says it all; heck, two of the six even have monochrome displays (and no, they aren't e-ink, either). Four of the handsets -- the W156, W160, W175, and W180 -- do at least carry over the F3's wedge-shaped slim design, while the last two, the W206 and W213, look like they're straight outta 2003. We'll pass on this bunch, but if you want to send us a GSM 850 / 1900 MOTOFONE, guys, be our guest!

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