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The Onion: Sousaphone Hero not catching on

Justin McElroy

Sad news today for fans of Sousaphone Hero, that shining hope for lovers of video games and the great marches of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. According to satire site The Onion, the game has sold only 52 copies in its first week of release. Boy, are our faces red, especially considering we've been touting the game's promise, despite its striking resemblance to Japanese favorite SousaphoneFreaks.

The publication does make some good points though, especially the one about the game costing $345, a price that was intimidating even with the pack-in spats that could sense the player's marching steps. We also understand the complaints about the 100-pound controller. Perhaps the saddest news in all of this though is that the low numbers have lead to the cancellation of Cymbal Hero, Glockenspiel Hero and Steam Calliope Hero. For lovers of oom-pah music, it would seem, the forecast is sis-boom-bad.

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