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Hilton's Sight+Sound suites deliver DirecTV, HD niceties

Darren Murph

As the HDTV movement continues to reshape the average hotel room experience, Hilton has made sure it doesn't get left behind. Recently, the chain launched 25 "home theater-like" Sight+Sound rooms at the Hilton Chicago O'Hare International Airport, while 30 guest rooms at the Hilton San Francisco received the makeover. Among the amenities are a 42-inch LG plasma, Yahama's YSP-800 Digital Sound Projector, Monster cabling, DirecTV programming including 14 HD channels and a number of XM radio stations, and a high definition menu system from LodgeNet. Additionally, guests can hook up their DAPs or external audio sources to a unique "connectivity panel," and just in case you forget to pack an extra bag of cables, the specially equipped rooms should provide all the copper you need. Notably, this here setup sounds like one of the most fully-featured HD offerings found in a "standard" hotel, and now that it's been available for a few months, have any of you had an opportunity to indulge?

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