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Limited edition Pikachu DS Lite found in the wild

Eric Caoili

Attempting to cope with the painful realization that we'll never receive one of these limited edition yellow DS Lites, we have adapted several "Your Mama" snaps to use as insults on the people who actually have them. Here is what we've come up with so far:
  • Your DS Lite is so yellow, traffic slows down when you take it out.
  • Your DS Lite is so yellow, we can't believe it's not butter.
  • Your DS Lite is so yellow, Crest Whitestrips told it to go to the damn dentist.
  • Your DS Lite is so yellow, you've mistaken it for corn on the cob at least twice.
These are really bad, we know. If you can come up with anything better, leave your suggestion in the comments! Past the post break, we've got a couple photos of the Pikachu-emblazoned handheld. Collectors had to submit an application at one of Japan's five Pokémon Center's last June just for a chance to buy the canary-colored system. If you were stuck in the US or anywhere else that wasn't the land of the rising sun, you were out of luck. How rude!

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