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Oh teh nos! Master Chief to die in Halo 3?

Dustin Burg

Will Master Chief's death in Halo 3 be the super secret climactic end to the Halo story arc? Well, some new Halo 3 promotional materials are (in a round about way) hinting to such a tragic end. The 7th Columnist wrangled up a Halo 3 ad (seen above) that is featured in the latest issue of EGM and is worded in such a way that it almost sounds as if they are remembering Master Chief. You know, like he was gone or had passed away. It's quite the interesting ad indeed. Also, as part of the Halo 3 sponsored Projekt Revolution tour, a Halo 3 advertisement pamphlet was handed out and talks of musical celebration that is "honoring the life and legend Master Chief John-117". Sounds very "Master Chief is dead, let's remember his life" to us. But then again, why would Bungie blatantly put a massive campaign spoiler in their advertisements? This has to be some sort of sneaky red herring trickery, it just has to be ... doesn't it?

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