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This week sees some solid contributions to the iPhone peripheral world, so if your new bit of hardware is desperately in need of some goodies to keep it happy, you're home. We've got a couple charging options to show off, including the really flexible "Mothership" of desktop chargers and a battery boost system. For those musically inclined -- it is the best iPod ever after all -- we've seen a working A2DP solution, a slick headset, plus, as a treat, we'll round out the show with a full-on senseless adapter. Follow the link to read on.

Gomadic Multi Charger
Gomadic, known for its "Tip Exchange" adapters for mobiles and just about every charging solution you could ever dream up has now sorted the iPhone. The charging gurus are set to launch a charging station that features four spaces that can be configured to charge just about any mobile device out there.

For $50 you get the station plus two tips with additional connectors running about $5 bucks. The tips are where the magic is, one end is a mini jack-styled adapter that plugs into the charger and on the other is the bit that plugs into your iPhone, phone, PDA, or what have you. If you're like us and plug in more than one device before hitting the hay, this is a must-have for convenience and it is slick looking to boot.

iCombi Stereo Bluetooth Adapter
Need stereo playback with iPhone but just can't be bothered with cables? Yeah, this is killing us too, our Bluetooth headsets are just laying on our desks collecting dust bunnies while we hope and dream for an update to rectify the problem.

Oakley released an A2DP adapter way back when and surprise, surprise, it works for iPhone. Slap the $50 attachment on the bottom of your iPhone and everything works just as expected. Music pauses when a call comes in and resumes when you say goodbye -- isn't that simple Apple? While we haven't tested this out in-house, we are hearing happy reports from all over the interwebs. So our advice would be to hit a store that stocks them in your area to try them out, and as an added bonus, you'll be able to check which of the white or black adapters suits you best.

iZap for iPod
Don't let the name throw you off friends, the folks at ZAP! sent out a press release with a gleefull message that it works for iPhone, too. The iZap will triple the battery life on your power hungry iPhone and with the handy -- though a bit huge looking -- belt adapter , it will charge while you are on the go. So, for $80, you may well be able to postpone your beloved's trip to the battery replacement labs at Apple for a wee bit longer.

Rivet iPhone Stereo Headset
If the sonic experience from the pack-in iPhone headset isn't quite warming your soul, fear not, Rivet has a set that should at least bump your bass experience with some in-ear headset action.

Featuring a lanyard-style strap for around the neck comfort, one-touch call answer / end button, and they even throw in three sets of gels to accommodate most ear sizes. For $30 its not a bad choice, but unfortunately -- if you're into Apple's white headset aesthetic -- the only color choice is black.

Seidioonline headset adapter with microphone
Prize for silliest adapter of the week has to be awarded to Seidoonline. For just $16, this headset adapter brings a microphone and call answer / end button.

Can you spot the folly? If you pop this into your iPhone and then your iPhone slips in-pocket, how exactly will anybody hear you when you are on a call? This dongle can't be more than a few inches long and has no clip -- though we figure if it did have a clip, it could maybe reach your belt -- but if ineffective inexpensive adapters are your thing, then perhaps that will seal the deal.

As an update to a previous Peripheral Vision, the Shure MPA headset adapter is now shipping and Shure managed to shave $10 off the cost. As per usual, if you see any fun gizmos for iPhone while you wander though your daily lives, drop us a line.

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