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Judge okays Amp'd sale, customers now free to join Prexar Mobile

Darren Murph

We already had a decent hunch that Prexar Mobile would come into play here, but a Delaware judge has officially green lit the sale of Amp'd Mobile to United Systems Access, which will give "thousands of customers a chance to switch carriers in the wake of the startup venture's collapse." United Systems will reportedly offer service to Amp'd customers under its Prexar Mobile brand, and interestingly, Amp'd will be getting a "25-percent stake in Prexar." Additionally, it was noted that Amp'd Mobile will be paid according to "how many of its customers switch service to the small Maine-based wireless provider, what plans the customers choose, and how long they stay with the new carrier." And you thought you'd never hear from these guys again.

[Via mocoNews]

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