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Star Trek: Conquest beaming onto Wii and PS2 this holiday

Listen up, Trekkies. Ever since its first public unveiling, we know you've been dreaming of using the Wiimote as a phaser (set to stun, we hope) in a Star Trek video game. We know, some of those other nerds keep going on and on about lightsabers this and Dark Sith Lord that ... but we both know where the real action is. Phasers.

In a nod to our Vulcan compatriots, we've suppressed all emotion to bring you news that Bethesda has announced Star Trek: Conquest for the Wii and PS2 platforms, scheduled for this holiday (just in time for Earth's largest buying season). The game is "a blend of strategy and intense action set in 'The Next Generation' era." And, what's this? You'll use your Wiimote and Nunchuck to pilot the USS Enterprise for some real-time spaceship combat? It's not phaser control, but it just may be worth the extra $10 they're asking for the Wii version. Make it so this holiday at $30 for the Wii offering and just $20 for you PS2 owners.

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