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BlizzCon Costume Contest


Last night's costume contest was immensely impressive. There were a total of 98 entries and all of them obviously took a lot of time -- and some of them clearly took a lot of creativity. I still think my personal favorite was the fellow who dressed up in a costume like the in-game Murloc costume -- he even ran across the stage just like the Murloc suit animation! However, with all of the great entries, he didn't take the top spot. Props for creativity have to go to the fellow who came to the contest dressed in a blue-and-white checkered box (if you don't realize, the checkered box is what the game shows when it doesn't have a model for something). We've got quite a few contest photos in our gallery, but sadly many of the contestants moved very quickly from one side of the stage to the other, resulting in a lot of blurry images. But there's a decent shot of the four winners, including a Human Rogue, a Moonkin (he even did a Moonkin dance for us!), a Tarran Ghost from StarCraft, and a Warlock in their amazing tier 6 armor set (she had the helmet as well, though it's not in this shot).

However, enjoy the ones we've got, and we'll be adding more costumes to it as we see them on the show floor today!

Update: Joystiqer Kevin Kelly is out on the show floor as well, and it looks like he got a much better view of the stage than we did -- so be sure to check out Joystiq's excellent gallery.

Gallery: BlizzCon Costumes | 55 Photos

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