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BlizzCon Dance Contest


Editor's Note: The video has been removed.

This video is (sadly!) just a partial representation of the dance contest entries. After a hard afternoon on the conference floor, the video camera decided to run dead after about ten minutes of footage. But you'll get a feel for what the contest was like, and all without having to watch 47 different people do the Blood Elf female dance. (There probably weren't really 47 of them, but it really felt like it.) In the end, the winners were all Blood Elves: two females (one of which is in this video, the first Blood Elf female of the lot) and a male. And while the male Blood Elf was excellent (he was wearing a "VOTE FOR KAEL'THAS" shirt), I wish some of the other excellent dances were represented in the finalists. There was at least one very successful attempt at the Troll male dance (complete with the upside down on one hand bit) as well as a great Troll female dance, both seen in our video clip.

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