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Saturday PSP background explosion

Steven Bailey
Every week, PSP Fanboy brings you new backgrounds to beautify your PSP. Remember, you can save these images directly to your PSP by accessing the site wireless at We're almost out of background requests, so if there's a background you'd like to see, request it. This week is a movie themed background explosion. You'll have to continue on to see which movie related backgrounds readers requested.

Backgrounds after the jump ...

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Live Free or Die Hard was arguably the best sequel in series. Putting this on your PSP may make you say Yippee-Ki-yay, Mother.. well you get the idea.

Next we have a Star Wars Force Unleashed background. This one sums up your character's role in the game.

Lastly we have a Godfather background. Whether you like the game or the movie, this is one powerful background.

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