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PS3 Poll Police: Will you get the retail version of Warhawk or download?

Nick Doerr

The Poll Police are back on track and updating their data files on the information that's most pertinent to their ongoing investigation. What are they investigating? We're sorry -- that's classified information. But to reach their conclusion, they need your help yet again. You may recall recently the debate over the mysterious pricing of the downloadable version of upcoming multiplayer game Warhawk. Even more importantly, you may remember the announcement of said mysterious price -- $40 for the downloadable version, $60 for the retail. The question this week is simple: which are you more likely to purchase? Recall the retail version comes with a bluetooth wireless headset, behind the scenes videos and a physical Blu-ray disc, while the downloadable version is just the game.
Will you buy the retail or downloadable version of Warhawk?
I'll buy the retail version.
I'll just download it. free polls
That's that. If you want to see the results from last week's less serious, but still very important question for our investigation, go ahead and take the jump.

We're very proud of our readers -- most of you are health-conscious gamers who also tend to keep their controllers food-free. Most of you either simply drink a soda, water, or some other liquid or nothing at all. While these results aren't exactly surprising, it's still reassuring to know that not as many gamers as you would think sit around and eat potato chips and drink Mountain Dew while playing games. We're glad you all care enough about yourselves and your systems! As always, thanks for voting!

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