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BlizzCon: The Dances of Warcraft

Kevin Kelly

BlizzCon's dance contest brought out some interesting entries on Friday night, especially in the female Blood Elf category, which just about everyone seemed to end up doing. There were also a couple of Murlocs in there, even a baby version, but the icing on the cake has to go to the first guy in the video above.

He shows off "The Origins of the Ogre Dance", and we have to say it takes guts to get up on stage and do this. Literally. Unfortunately, he didn't even win or place, which is a complete travesty. The guy was robbed. The winning entry, which we didn't capture on video, was a guy in a Napoleon Dynamite-esque costume who wasn't half bad (he did the Blood Elf male dance, which is based on Napoleon Dynamite's famous move) ... but imitating Chris Farley's classic SNL skit while at a fan convention for a video game is pure gold.

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