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NPR goes to Video Games Live

Justin McElroy

We're glad to see Video Games Live getting some attention from National Public Radio, and it's nice to hear some of VGL on their broadcast. But we have to admit to being a little bit perturbed by the tone of the reporter, who appears to be mystified by the idea that anyone would be in the seats. "Why is video game music so compelling to these people?" he wonders aloud, the disdain deliciously audible.

We would kindly remind NPR that the only way that orchestras in many areas can fill seats is by promising to play the hits of Andrew Lloyd Webber or selections from Rocky, Chariots of Fire and Star Wars. The chamber halls ceased long ago to be the domain solely of Mozart and Beethoven. We understand that video game concerts are novel, but is the reasoning behind them really so puzzling?

[Thanks, Jenn]

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