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Petit missions in Petit Copter


Famitsu's got some much clearer screens of Arc System Works and Sonic Powered's Petit Copter, and it looks great! But we love the aesthetic of Dreamcast games. Those of you expecting next-gen may be less enthused about the visuals. We're pretty sure, for example, that those rings are supposed to be ring-shaped.

As low-key as the graphics may be, we think the mission types are even more so. The article reveals three kinds of missions:
  1. Taking off, flying somewhere, and landing
  2. Picking up something with a suction cup and dropping it off
  3. Shooting at some targets with a puff of air
Combined, these three activities could make for some really interesting missions! Alone ... no. Outside of tutorial missions, we have to believe they'll mix it up. The article mentions shooting at switches to manipulate things in the level, which sounds like it opens up all kinds of missions around the house!

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