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Pachter: PS2 price drop this year and another for PS3 by GTA IV


Having recently returned from the future with 4399 other people, Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter revealed that he believes a PS2 price cut may be possible this year and the PS3 will get another drop in early 2008. Last year's PS2 price cut wasn't exactly what many were hoping for, but continued strong sales of the PS2 show it didn't hurt. Now Pachter believes that the PS2 might finally hit the $99 mark this year, which if you've held out on getting a PS2 this long -- seriously, it's a really amazing system for $99.

As for the PS3, Pachter doesn't expect any further price cuts on the PS3 this year. He expects the next price drop to happen with the release of the delayed GTA IV and Metal Gear Solid 4 next year. We're still wondering if the 80GB will take the 60GB's spot once the clearance sale is over. We know that in a semantic argument that doesn't technically count as a price drop and is more of a "product shift," but we're very curious to know what happens after those 60GBs are gone?

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