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Target ditching the 360 Core system too?


Following last week's rumor that Best Buy will no longer stock the Xbox 360 Core system, Joystiq has received an anonymous tip that Target will be doing the same. The tip was accompanied by several images of the product listing in a store PDA, with the image above regrettably being the clearest. The upper right corner displays the Core system's status as "Discontinued." Coupled with the Best Buy rumor, it's starting to look like the Core is definitely being phased out. The question is whether or not another product will take its place or if the Premium and Elite models will become the only remaining choice.

We're curious to see what our readers think about the possibility that the Core is going the way of the dodo. While it would eliminate the cheapest 360 offering, it would also ensure that future 360s would all benefit from a guaranteed hard drive, which would also conceivably allow game developers to utilize the hard drive for more detailed games. What do you think? Should the Core be discontinued or is it better for Microsoft to keep its bottom tier choice?

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