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Verizon planning Q4 update to FiOS TV 2.0

Darren Murph

Though some of you may still be more comfortable referring to FiOS TV 2.0 as the Interactive Media Guide (IMG), Verizon will reportedly be dishing out a "maintenance release" at the end of this year to whichever you decide to call it. According to John Czwartacki, users can look forward to seeing a number of enhancements to the IMG come Q4, several of which include:
  • Scaled video while you are in the menus finding the next show or movie to watch.
  • Better program information with richer descriptions.
  • New reminder system, for future TV shows or PPV events.
  • Efficient way to flip through your favorite channels while hiding others.
  • Better management of your DVR settings and schedule.
  • Expanded help topics, and more video tutorials.
Also of note, 2008 could hold in store "games and the ability to program the DVR remotely," and for those who have been waiting patiently in Massachusetts for the IMG to hit home, your wait is dangerously close to ceasing.

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