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Welcome to Santa Destroy


Famitsu is conducting a guided tour of some of the locations from No More Heroes' assassin-filled town, Santa Destroy. This way, you can enjoy the scenery before being challenged to multiple deathmatches with eccentric murderers.

The cleverly-named No More Heroes Motel acts as home base for Travis. Seems like a classy place, as befits a serious competitor. When he's tired of watching color TV with a tethered remote, he can go out onto the beach we've seen in a lot of No More Heroes screenshots, whose name has been revealed as Body Slam Beach. Other locations include the Gasoline Stand, where-- wait for it-- Travis can get some gasoline, the Atomic Drop District (a big empty lot of some kind), and Naomi's Lab, where Travis can go to get weapon upgrades.

It's the rare game where a single screenshot of a fairly tame-looking motel setting can energize us. But we are so ready to Beam Katana our way up the assassins' ranks.

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