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Leeroy Jenkins: 'Well, you know, I was hungry.'


No infamy is more enduring than that spawned by the internet and its eternal memory. The name "Leeroy Jenkins" (loudly pronounced "Leeeeeeerooooy Jehnnnkinnnss") should be recognizable to World of Warcraft players and certain Jeopardy! viewers as the man who hurled caution to the wind with enough force to destabilize his raiding party and ultimately bring about its complete annihilation. If you're wondering just what sort of man that is and what motivated his behavior (hint: reheated chicken plays an important role), you'd best watch Veronica Belmont's video interview with him at Blizzcon.

It turns out that, well, Leeroy's just zis guy, you know? You may be surprised or disappointed by Ben's pleasant mannerisms, and instead choose to ignore the reality in favor of a more fantastic and entertaining mental image. It's alright, we're still imagining Veronica Belmont to be a high school detective who whips vampires to death over the weekends.

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