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Amp'd's ex-CEO takes some questions

Chris Ziegler

When your company burns through some $400 million worth of other people's money and goes up in a puff of smoke, you're bound to get some inquiries from curious lookers-on. Ousted shortly before Amp'd's historic freefall, Peter Adderton was good enough to sit down with PaidContent's Rafat Ali to answer a few questions about just what the hell happened. Naturally, the guy appears to do a brilliant job of deflecting the blame from himself, saying that Amp'd had too many hands in the cookie jar (vested parties, that is) trying to control the direction of the company; furthermore, since the MVNO required so much cash (apparently) to do its thing, the people that needed to be in the office running things were instead out in the field begging for more dollars. He talks a little bit about the crazy billing issues, too -- you know, people not paying their bill for months without getting cut off -- and says that there was a big issue with people simply never being billed in the first place, too. Business school 101, Peter: gotta make money to keep the ship afloat, dude. Click the link for the full interview.

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