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David Jaffe may be independent, but he loves himself some Sony

Colin Torretta

In an interview with GamePro, Eat Sleep Play founders David Jaffe and Scott Campbell sat down and talked about their future with Sony. Now that they're independent, people have curious if this means they'll break their longstanding relationship with Sony and go multi-platform. They've already mentioned that their next 3 titles will be for the PlayStation 3, but what about after that?

When GamePro brought it up, Jaffe had this to say, "Right now in the console space and the handheld space, we want to be partners with Sony as long as they will have us. We have great relationships with Sony and they have been so good to us from both a business standpoint and a personal standpoint, I would like to be on Sony's machines for as long as they'll have me."

Sounds like Jaffe is pretty happy working with Sony indefinitely, and it's great to hear him mention that they're going to be making PSP titles as well. The rest of the interview is pretty interesting also, with insight into why they picked Eat Sleep Play as the name of their company (it wouldn't get them sued) to thoughts on the reviews of Calling All Cars! and casual games in general. Check it out, it's a good read.

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