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id Software's Steve Nix talks id Tech 5


Having recently unveiled a new and very promising multi-platform graphics engine in the form of id Tech 5 (and environmentally unfriendly FPS racing hybrid, Rage), id Software is once again poised to challenge Unreal's default reign over new-generation consoles. Not that the company's too concerned with Epic -- in an interview with Tom Bramwell at GamesIndustry.BIZ, id business development director Steve Nix stated, "I don't spend much time looking at Epic's current offering or what their product line is - we've always just done our own thing at id, so we don't spend too much time thinking about them."

Time not spent thinking about the competition was dedicated to id Tech 5's "virtualised texture system," which Nix explained will provided unlimited texture memory to developers and prompt a "huge paradigm shift in the way game developers can work." Of course, developers and publishers will have to shift many a pair of dimes to license the engine, though Nix promised the cost would be fair and unaffected by competing software. "I don't think we need to really be concerned with anyone else's pricing, because we believe we have the best technology solution available."

Gamers can judge the technology for themselves when id unleashes Rage..."when it's done."

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