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Is this the US Nokia N95?

Chris Ziegler

Yes, we realize you can already buy the N95 in US stores, but you know what we mean. This here is allegedly some sort of promotional material for the upcoming real US-spec N95, showing a few interesting changes over its older, European sibling. Though we knew US 3G was in the cards, it turns out the devil may be in the details: contrary to other evidence, it looks like the handset will support HSDPA 850 / 1900 -- AT&T's 3G bands, not T-Mobile's. The battery grows from 950mAh to a healthy 1200mAh, but to accomodate the added load, the camera's protective shutter has seemingly been removed. Growing along with the battery is the in-box microSD card, going from 512MB for the initial launch to a full 1GB. Finally, you can forget purple and beige; the US variant will apparently stick with a decidedly safer choice of black to adorn its rear. All decent changes, we figure, as long as our glorious 5 megapixel cams don't break.

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