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The latest on Priest racial abilities


Starting its life as a brief comment at Dungeon & Raids panel at BlizzCon 2007 ("We are going to do something about Fear Ward for the Horde."), we're now getting some interesting news on the future of the Priest's racial abilities. Says Drysc, post-BlizzCon:

I think the general consensus among the designers is that ultimately priest racials were ... a poor choice to make... I'm not sure how many remember, but priest racials were created because there was player concern over how an Undead could appropriately wield the healing powers of the light, and the racials were added to give flavor which could back up some of those player concerns. Aside from some probably poor decisions on what that flavor should be, ultimately it was a concern that players would ultimately have benefited from if we had simply ignored it. It could be addressed any number of ways (everyone is given everything, or it's cut down to a small pool of abilities which everyone has access to, or only specific abilities are passed to different races, etc.), and I don't believe a final decision has been made at this time.

So it looks as though Priests are looking forward to a future without distinct racial abilities. And while I'm sure that some Priests are happy about that, I'm thinking that those who picked their race for a specific skill (Dwarves and Draenei, in particular) might not be. Which side of the camp do you fall on -- are you glad that Blizzard is addressing the issue, or wish they'd just leave it be?

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