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Condemned 2 movie tie-in still underway

David Dreger

The nerds over at Sega ... Nerds unearthed some details on the upcoming tie-in movie to Condemned 2: Bloodshot, The Forgotten. According to scriptwriter Kurt Sutter, a director is now attached to the project, though we have to wait until Warner makes the official announcement. Sutter also mentioned that he is doing another big rewrite of the script.

As for the storyline, Kurt couldn't give any new info, but said that their technique for not falling into the "crappy game movie" trap was pretty cool, as they screenwriter and devs were each given a 15 page outline of the character and world, and told to make a great script and game, respectively, on their own. So rather than one being based on the other, they're both inspired by the same core concept. We'll be sure to keep you informed on any new developments for the game or film.

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