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Halo Legendary tattoo gets shady


We're guessing he's getting ready to *groan* finish the fight. Originally reported on by X3F near the holidays last year, this Halo tattoo features the "legendary level" symbol taking up much of one man's back. The tattoo is slowly coming along as "GothicSlayer" gathers the cash to finish it. The latest installment fills in and gives shading to the Elite skull. Maybe Santa will bring him the cash to finish it before the end of the year.

We think if there is anybody who deserves a Halo 3 Xbox 360 from Microsoft it's this guy. The man is a walking advertisement/conversation piece on any beach. Although you probably can't best him, if you've got Xbox related tattoos to show off, X3F is taking submissions. You won't win anything but the glory of internet fame, and isn't that all anyone needs?

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