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Bungie details H3 flamethrower and firebomb

Save has posted some new detailed descriptions of both the flamethrower and firebomb from Halo 3. The item descriptions are similar to the previous item profiles hosted by and include technical specifications and quotes from soldiers on the field. The flamethrower (designation M7057 / Defoliant Projector), it seems, was technically designed to clear land of foliage for military operations. The entry adds that using the flamethrower as a weapon can cause psychological damage (or perhaps requires it). The description also contains a spiffy Quicktime VR of the flamethrower in action. We also learn that the firebomb (designation Type-3 Antipersonnel / Antimateriel Incendiary Grenade) is actually a Brute weapon that has been adopted for use by the UNSC. An interesting note, the entry mentions that the firebomb burns very brightly and should not be viewed directly. Whether or not this translates to actual gameplay remains to be seen.

Our favorite quote regarding the flamethrower: "I don't see where carrying around a big can of super-flammable stuff right next to my xxxx is such a good idea." Hit the links below to check out the new equipment.

-- Flamethrower
Read -- Firebomb

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