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EA 'tech. support' explains PS3 Madden frame rate issues


It's been no secret that the Xbox 360 version of Madden '08 was going to be better than the PS3 version, but nobody really expected it to be this big of a difference. Less than 24 hours into Madden's release, the difference between the two versions has become a serious point of contention. Maxconsole has the alleged response from EA technical support about the frame rate issues on the PS3 version of Madden '08.

"Rob M." from EA Sports technical support says he understands gamers "frustration," but says that EA has been "developing titles for the Xbox 360 for over 3 1/2 years" and has only been working with the PS3 for over a year. He goes on to say it's "very difficult to get it right the first time." He goes on to say that that 30 frames per second is the same for all PS3 sports games, and they're happy to point out that the same holds true for 2K Sports as well. He finishes by saying that "if you choose not to purchase the [PS3 version], it is a choice [they] fully understand and respect." Definitely expect a little bit more ire about this PS3 Madden thing as people start making lists of all the issues.

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