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Virtual PSP Modder lets you try before you hack

Nilay Patel

Those of you aching to pull open your PSP and do a little modding but afraid to void your warranty -- or worse, brick your baby -- will want to check out the Virtual PSP Modder software from AcidMods. The Windows tool allows you to practice taking a PSP apart, look at the inside at up to 5X resolution, poke around with a virtual screwdriver and tweezers, tinker with the LEDs, apply random mods to see what works, and more -- all without having to crack open your actual, working PSP. Or course, there's no PSP emulation, so you can't play any games, and you'll have to somehow translate what you do on the screen to real life at some point, but hey -- even Ben Heck had to start somewhere. Check out a fairly boring video of the software in action after the break.

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