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Wideload announces 'Shorts' division for digital downloads


After the beans pretty much spilled yesterday that Wideload Games (Hail to the Chimp), headed by former Bungie CEO Alex Seropian, is working on XBLA games, more details emerged later in the day. In an interview with GameDaily they discuss their new Wideload Shorts division designed to focus on smaller downloadable games "via established and emerging download channels." The first game is expected later this year.

Heading the new division is Scott Corley who says he doesn't want to use the term "casual games" for Wideload Shorts because it has so many different meaning now. He says the games they are creating are "meant to have clear goals, allow shorter periods of play, and have interfaces that are intuitive even if the player is new to games." He says they are planning on releasing games on XBLA, PSN and WiiWare. There's no word yet what these games will be, but they will have Wideload's "trademark humor," which means if you like Stubbs the Zombie and the upcoming Hail to the Chimp intrigues you, keep an eye out for the first game from Wideload Shorts this fall.

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