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Rumor: Another Level 5 title set to create new genre

Nick Doerr

If you've been wondering if Level 5 is up to anything other than getting themselves knee-deep in White Knight Story programming code, we've got some good news for you today. Seems a preliminary list of RPG's to show at the Tokyo Game Show compiled by RPGFan denotes a few Level 5 titles, one of which has yet to claim a title of its own. The interesting thing is the description released in the game listing: "set to create a new genre". That's pretty ambitious.

What could this game be? What platform will it land on? We don't have any answers yet, but since Level 5 has a strong connection with Sony and a lot of their time is going into White Knight Story, we don't think it'll be another PS3 title, rather, a PSP title. Yeah, it's not as exciting that way, but do you really think a company would really want to work on two PS3 titles at once? Leave us your thoughts, hypotheses, or guesses!

[via PS3 Forums]

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